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leisure time in majorca

Agualand / Aguacity in El Arenal

The largest and most popular water park in Mallorca and one of the largest water parks in Europe is the Agualand in Majorca with over 200,000 square meters total. Fitted the theme park features 16 water basins, of which nearly half is with different water slides. A wave pool, pool for small children, numerous green spaces, a kart track, a trampoline and a playground round out the offer and promise of fun and relaxation for young and old. For guests' refreshment there bars, cafes and restaurants. Shops and souvenir shops are also feindet in the water park.


The Palma Aquarium in Mallorca at the Playa de Palma is a spectacular marine park, the habitats and ecosystems of the seas and oceans of the world faithfully reproduces and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Balearics.
In the Marine Park 55 aquariums with fantastic flora and fauna from the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans are housed. In 5 million gallons of sea water cavort 8,000 copies of 700 different species. The Big Blue (Big Blue) aquarium is the deepest aquarium in Europe with a transparent underwater tunnel.

Palma Aquarium is a member of Coral World International (CWI), which specializes in the creation of marine parks and world leader in the field. Coral World has more than 30 years of business in building aquariums. At the same time as the most beautiful parks CWI in the world are known. The group currently consists of four aquariums: Palma Aquarium in Palma de Mallorca, Europe, Maui Ocean Center in Hawaii, USA; The Underwater Observatory in Eilat in the Red Sea and AQWA in Perth, Australia.

Majorica pearls

Since the beginning of the 19th Century are made of artificial pearls from Manacor here. These beads can be in a robust dipping hardly distinguished from genuine pearls, and are a popular souvenir of Majorca holidaymakers. A visit to one of the factories is really worthwhile.

Cap Blanc

The Cap Blanc is located about 15 km south of El Arenal. The natural landscape and the breathtaking cliffs are impressive beauty of the island. About 80 m above the sea perches here's a little lighthouse, which rounds off the picture of this idyllic spot.

Cap de Pinar

The Peninsula Victoria is particularly recommended for walkers and nature lovers, whose outermost point of the Cap del Pinar. Coming of Alcudia, one of the most beautiful hiking trails leads to the watchtower Talaia de Alcudia, continue to the Monastery Ermita de la Victoria to the lookout rock Penya Roja. Quite simply, the up to 15 km hike, however. To hike there but the only way cuts or landmarks such as the monastery or the prospect of rock (almost) to reach by car. An experience the peninsula of La Victoria is but either way, it is unique offering panoramic views over the bay of Alcudia and Pollensa and the mountains of the Serra Tramuntana. For a rest should go in the restaurant, La Victoria, located in the immediate vicinity of the monastery Ermita de la Victoria.

Cap de Ses Salines

The southernmost point of the island of Majorca, Cap de Ses Salines. The cap with the lighthouse is one of the most popular starting point for nature lovers and animal pleasures. In addition to beautiful panoramas, many plant species, the Cape and its surrounding beautiful prospects for bird lovers. In the nearby salt pans and the cap can be seen and many rare bird species. In spring, migratory birds from Africa to make its way to Europe stop here.

Cap Formentor

A scenic peninsula in the far north of the island is the Cap Formentor.
Gorgeous beaches and craggy cliffs offer unique panoramic views.
A coffee break can be half way, at the legendary Hotel Formentor appeal. The hotel is housed e.g. Charles Chaplin, Winston Churchill and Jacques Chirac.

Castell Capdepera

Around Capdepera is one of the main attractions of one of the best preserved fortresses in the Castell de Mallorca Capdepera. The castle is the parish seat of coastal resorts of Cala Ratjada and Canyamel is located above the city and extends over the southern slope of the hill. The circular wall around the castle offers breathtaking views across the North East of Mallorca.

Castillo Bellver Palma

About 112 m above sea level and about 3 miles from Palma de Mallorca, Bellver Castle towers over the city. These real attraction was the beginning of the 14th Century and is due to its round design in Spain than once.
Initially intended as a seat of kings, the fort was later used as a prison and now houses a good museum.
The rooftop terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view over the bay and the city of Palma.

Dragon Cave Porto Cristo

The Coves del Drac or Drach called, are a special attraction in Porto Cristo. It used to shelter residents and pirates that your treasures are hidden here and have to be protected according to the legend of a dragon, the caves now enjoy great popularity among tourists. This legend of the dragon, it is also where the Caves of Drach (dragon for Drac = Castilian) owes its name. By 1896 the cave was explored by the Frenchman Alfred Martel. Today, about 2 km of the caves are open to visitors by the play of light create quite a scene stalagmites and stalactites get to see. Highlight of any tour is a concert that is held by the musicians on a subterranean lake.

It Trenc

It Trenc is one of the most natural and most popular beaches in Majorca. The unspoilt natural beach is located right next to a nature conservation area and radiates in the face of white sand and turquoise blue water almost a Caribbean flair. The 3 km long beach has a shallow entry into the sea and a beautiful dune landscape.

Glassblowing Gordiola

The craft of glass blowing has a long tradition in Mallorca. Near Algaida, we find the blown glass Gordiola La, one of the oldest and best known companies in Mallorca. Figures, vases, souvenirs and other commodities are produced here since 1719 out of glass. The workshop was built in 1975 housed in a castle modeled and added to a museum and has been one of the most popular attraction on the island. The exhibition is the original private collection of family Gordiola to see art from different eras. It is also possible in the workshop to watch glassblowers at work and acquire an attached showroom tasteful glass items.


Palma's magnificent cathedral "La Seu" (German: Episcopal) is considered one of the five most beautiful churches in Spain. About three months after the arrival of the Christian conquerors in Santa Ponca New Year's Eve 1229 the first stone was laid. The rose window in the apse consists of 1236 pieces of glass. Even the tiara floating above the main altar is a finely crafted masterpiece. It bears the unmistakable signature of the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Was the construction of the magnificent cathedral in the 13th Century began, but only in the 19th Century were the work as completed. Originally the church was still right on the sea, but today it is separated by a wide promenade and an artificial lake from the sea.


About 10 miles west of Palma is the theme park Marineland. Marineland offers an entertaining program for the whole family with a variety of exotic animals. To see there is a show with dolphins and sea lions, parrot shows, aquariums with sharks and other exotic fish, almost all seas. Exotic birds including Africa, America and Australia.
Pelicans, penguins (some from our own breeding), crocodiles, turtles and flamingos. A tropical greenhouse with snakes, iguanas, freshwater fish and piranhas.
Furthermore, a children's play area with pools and a restaurant area and an adjacent beach used by the visitors.

Puig de Sant Salvador

The monastery Puig de Sant Salvador, one of the most important pilgrimage sites and popular attractions in Mallorca is located about 5 km southeast of FelanitxFelanitx. At the peak of about 500 m high mountain, which is reached by a serpentine, which is the 14th Century monastery Sanctuary of Sant Salvador. Monks, there are long gone, the monastery is now a reasonably priced restaurant and a hostel with reasonably priced, sparsely furnished rooms. On the way to the monastery complex is a 30 m high tower, crowned by a statue of Christ, and from where you have panoramic views over Mallorca.

Caves in Porto Cristo

The caves Cuevas dels Hams or Coves dels Hams were discovered in 1905 and, together with the Coves del Drac caves one of the most important and famous tourist attraction in Mallorca. This unusual (treelike) forms of stalactites and stalagmites there are that have made the caves their name (Hams = Mallorcan word for fish hooks and harpoons). The tour is approximately 500 m and reached through a dozen different caves, accompanied by classical music, light show and rowing boats on a lake.

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