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Majorca in Numbers

Mallorca is located in the east of the Spanish mainland between 39 ° 15'40 "and 39 ° 57'40" north latitude and 2 ° 19'38 "and 3 ° 28'42" east longitude.
The island has a maximum east-west distance of 98 kilometers and a north-south length of 78 kilometers.
She is 3603.7155 km ², including large number of islets 3622.5448 km ².
Majorca here has a coastline of over 550 kilometers in length. The administrative area of ​​Mallorca are off the main island of Cabrera Archipelago (18.36 km ²) and the island of Sa Dagonera (2.88 km ²).

Mallorca has a temperate subtropical climate with an average of 7.9 sun hours per day and average rainfall (1400 mm in the north, 400 millimeters in the south).

The short winter are caused by the mild and humid island. In rare cases, however, it may also lead to snowfall, especially in the mountains. In the summer months, however, it hardly rains. The temperatures in the interior can rise to above 40 ° C.

From late August brief heavy rains accompanied by storms and thunderstorms possible, so October is statistically the wettest month of the year. This can lead to local flooding, when the torrents no longer hold the amount of water into the sea and can be derived.

End of December to January in the calm, mild weather conditions, the so-called calmes often. The "small" summer run in January when the almond blossom, which gives the island in contrast to the parched landscape in the summer, a totally different look.

Mallorca has reported 862 397 inhabitants (2009), of which 407.000 live in the capital Palma. The next largest communities Calviá (51 774) are, Manacor (40 548), Llucmajor (36 078), Marratxi (33 348), Inca (29 308), Alcudia (19 071), Porto Colom (18 270), Pollenca (17 260) and Sóller (13 942).
The proportion of foreigners in the population in 2006 was 129 403 people with approximately 16.4%, of which 55 073 (7.0% of the total population) are EU citizens. In addition to 2953 Germans (2.78%) were 12 281 British (1.55%), 6969 Italians (0.88%) and 6228 French (0.79%) reported on the island. Larger groups of immigrants from non-European countries are from Morocco, Argentina and Ecuador.
The indigenous population called Mallorcan.<//span>

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